When we refuse to forgive, we lose a piece of our soul. But where do those pieces go? And how do we get them back?


When her long-lost aunt Deirdre is murdered, Tara Davies inherits the family home, which has sat empty for decades. She reluctantly agrees to restore it, but soon discovers that the house doesn’t obey the laws of physics. Doors lock and unlock on their own, a hole in the wall refuses to stay patched, and a mermaid guards a pirate’s treasure. Eventually, she has to admit that, as crazy as it sounds, the house has something to teach her – if it doesn’t kill her first.Tara has to battle obstacles, both seen and unseen, to uncover the secrets that the house protects. And when faced with the ultimate betrayal, must decide what price she’s willing to pay to earn – or deny – forgiveness.


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Connie Jenkins wakes one morning to find a Camaro parked in her driveway, with her husband Jack asleep in the front seat. The only problem is, Jack disappeared without a trace two years earlier. He denies that he's been missing, until he sees his son, who has seemingly aged from two to four overnight. Connie is the founder of the Missing Husband Network, and is afraid Jack's return will threaten the new life she's created without him. She needs answers before she can take him back again...answers that Jack doesn't have. 

When Alex Bailey's husband Jesse vanishes, her search for him eventually reveals that his life is based on a web of lives: the Jesse Bailey she knows and loves doesn't exist. She contacts Connie, hoping that the network will be able to help her find the answers she needs to move forward without him. 

FORGET ME NOT explores the decisions two women must make as they face their greatest fears, and asks if a broken memory hurts more than a broken heart.


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In April 2005, I was hired as a member of the Fall 2005 staff of Semester at Sea, a program that sends college students around the world as part of their college education. I worked as the onboard Administrative Assistant; basically, I made copies and in return, sailed around the world for free. These are the entries from the blog I kept during the voyage, my thoughts and observations while floating in the middle of the ocean on a ship sailing around the world. I was 46 years old, newly divorced, and longing for adventure. And adventure I found.


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For five years, I kept a blog that tracked my travels and deep (and not-so-deep) thoughts. These are my posts and pictures from 2006. So if you're interested in following a traveling writer as she wanders the world, blogging about her adventures, check it out.


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The second installation of my blog posts and pictures, this time from 2007. If you're interested in following a traveling writer as she wanders the world, blogging about her adventures and sharing her thoughts about life, love, and everything in between, this is the book to read!


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The third installation of my blog posts and pictures, 2008-style. More tales of my travels, and thoughts about life, love, and whatever is left. 


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More of my thoughts and pictures as I wandered the globe in 2009.

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In 2010, I continued to travel, explore, ponder, and wish, while trying to find my place in the world. These are my musings and observations.

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